Friday, June 20, 2014

Eromanga-sensei Chapter 1

LN Art

And there you have it. Our new project~!
We've been wanting to do this even before the announcement of the manga. lol
But Oninn's been busy for a while so he wasn't able to work on it that much.

Anyway, please do enjoy and give all your love to Sagiri~

Batoto - MF - MC


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    PAGE 1

    "…Come in."
    "…Something wrong?"
    "No, not that…you…did you just say…."
    "Didn't you hear me?... I said, come in."
    "Can I?"
    "…I told you that you can."
    "Then, sorry for the intrusion."

    PAGE 2

    "Wow, everything is games and books."
    "It is very clean."
    "You have done well."

    PAGE 4

    'Don't treat me like a child' ?"
    "Don't touch me."
    but i barely touch you
    "Hurry! And! Sit! Down!"
    what did you say?

    PAGE 5

    "It hurt!"
    "What, what, what are you doing…?"
    "Because your voice is too low,
    I can't help but come close to hear you..

    PAGE 6

    [Can you hear me now?]
    "…Ah um, sure, there is no problem."
    [How did you know?]
    "You meant 'How did I know that you are Eromanga-sensei'?"
    […This is my main concern. Otherwise I wouldn't have let you in.]
    I thought that she got a change of heart after knowing that I'm Izumi Masamune and let me in. Looked like that wasn't the case. She let me in only because she was concerned about how I found out about her identity.
    --- I was too arrogant.
    "There was the supper I made for you on the screen."

    PAGE 7

    I told her everything from the beginning.
    About how after the autograph event ended, I was afraid of my identity being exposed. So I searched the Internet and encountered 'Eromanga-sensei's blog', which had an article about this event. Then I asked my friend and found out about the live scheduled video
    – I told her everything
    "Then you know the rest. After I knew your identity, I saw you forgot to turn off the camera and started undressing ----"
    [Good. Then… I know.]
    "I see."
    […I knew it.

    PAGE 8

    Onii-san, you are Izumi Masamune-sensei.]
    "Just now you said 'I knew it'. Did you notice before?"

    PAGE 9

    [During our first meeting, I noticed that your name and 'his name' were the same."
    […I never thought that you are the same person.]
    [Because… the chance for this to happen…]
    […About that…for now…proof and stuff….]
    "Proof?to proof myself? i got a lot,like

    PAGE 10

    "Like the first illustration that Eromanga-sensei made for my heroine."
    Thinking back – that was when I made my debut. The first time someone made an illustration out of my character.
    "Back then I was.. I was very happy. I remembered it like yesterday. I was so grateful that I wrote like a hundred pages of manuscripts as thanks for Eromanga-sensei."
    [!...That… it was like yesterday for me too.

    PAGE 11

    I remembered that you said something about how it would be better if the breasts were a bit bigger and things like that.]
    "Can you please forgot about it.
    but this is something that you and me know about it..
    […You… really are]

    PAGE 12
    "I told you so."