Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm not really an M but I keep on digging my grave!

Okay. Now that we're getting busier and BUSIER with our personal (School and family) life, we can't really finish a chapter or 2 in just a week... And then I keep on doing other things as well~! Like cleaning and redrawing some raws we never even agreed nor talked about. I guess I really do like surprises.

I think that I just keep on digging my grave here... and at the same time, making our life more busier...

Anyway, here's the cover of what I've cleaned.... and I'll troll ya people as much as I want so I'll make it blurred! LOL

If you knew the manga, please just keep it to yourself... or just proclaim it to the world if you want. Really, I don't really mind but if something bad happens, it not my responsibility, okay? (The second picture really already is a given)

And to our members who didn't knew this, I'm sorry again for being impulsive! LOL


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